September 24, 2009

I’ve moved!



September 24, 2009

Well,this the series that i’ve been currently addicted to.

The Hills.

The hills is damn nice. It’s a reality tv show,of course it is suppose to be good cause it’s reality! (if you don’t get what i mean then nevermind)

Legend of the Seeker

Looking at the poster,it is quite obvious it’s a fantasy show. The show is during the medival times where there is magic,swords,monsters and weird accents. I love it.

New seasons of our favourite shows are back!


Gossip Girl

America’s Next Top Model! (short girls cycle)

There is also new series out & i’ve downloaded them!

Melrose Place

The Vampire Diaries

The Beautiful Life

I’m off to watch “Legend of the Seeker” .

What a dream.

September 24, 2009

The whole thing was funny and just random. It was all fun and games,until reality came in. I questioned myself,it’s like a mini little adventure in discovering who you are. There were times where butterflies were in my stomach and there were times were i will start panicking and try my level best not to sound stupid.

It was a new experience and i never regretted a single moment of it cause it’s this kind of stuff that makes you a better person. I just hoped that things will go on and then it all can be magical and not some pixie dust that lasts for a few minutes and then dies off. 

You make me laugh,little beyonce wannabe (single ladies). You make me think. You make me smile. Sometimes you act like some goofball and you don’t even know it. The dreams is so real and the moment i wake up…..

I don’t know how to start this post. I’m dumbfounded with everything. The actions of people affects us and hurts us. I’m disappointed in myself. I am just hurt on how the situation was handled. Oh well,things happened. Another episode i guess. Everything went wrong and things are just messed up. I’ve never cried for a long time and i almost  did. I felt like a weak pathetic soul cause boys don’t cry but then what can you do?

I almost died when i was in the train and the phone conversation was very useful. I kinda sorted things out,well not really it just made me feel better for like a minute only. I feel like some squashed pepsi can and being thrown in the recycle bin.Oh well,this shit always open but what to do,this journey called life isn’t easy. 

Back to some lighter topic,today was quite boring actually. I just took some notes that could inspire to like enhance the performance and shalom’s idea was like brilliant! I’m just waiting to get my hands on the equipment.HAHA.

You belong to me.

September 21, 2009


It’s raining at 7 in the night and the feeling is just comforting,coming out from my warm shower and my hair still damp and in my bed. 

Awoken by my alarm and yes,i chowed down some good old meat in the morning,big breakfast & for lunch is chicken rice and dinner,subway melt with extra bacon! I’m such a weak soul that loses to temptation. The car ride was not that exciting,cause saranya was driving slow. I was actually very excited cause i never like sat in a car where your friend drives. LOLS. 

I’m still shocked about it. It is actually quite disturbing to know that your friends did this behind your back. I don’t know how they have still the audacity to act as if nothing happened and smile and talk to me. It’s actually quite hurting. I’m lost for words. Sigh. :/

PS: I bet that picture stirred some wild fantasy.haha. DON’T. That fantasy belongs to me.